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I’m not sure what I’d do without coffee. Well, yes I do. I’d sleep more and be a lot less productive. Not to mention small children would run screaming from my morning snarls.

Coffee makes magic happen every day – I rise up out of bed and adult. Something that might not otherwise happen without wailing and gnashing of teeth.


I am not at my best in the mornings, but most people with children – especially small children – are forced to wake up in the gawdawful early hours of every day and function at a somewhat reasonable level of intelligence to continue to keep the precious tiny people alive.

This could not be accomplished without my daily cup (or two) of java.

I probably drink too much caffeine (okay, definitely) but that first cup of joe is my saving grace. The rest of the day is spent drinking whatever I can find containing the precious energy-providing nectar-of-the-gods. But nothing equals that first cup.




It transforms me into a functioning human. Considering I’m juggling multiple jobs, outnumbered by rugrats, and spend hours (almost) every night writing – I’d say it does it’s job pretty well.

What is your vice or must-have? What keeps you going?





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