I am invisible. You don’t see me, Although I stand before you Fists clenched, Eyes narrowed. Biting my tongue Until the words spill forth, Angry and loud. But I might as well be mute, Because you Walk Right By Me.


    May tastes salty, a mixture of tears and the sea. The ocean wears away the land one grain of sand at a time. The wetness on my face could be either. May smells like burnt toast. Singed edges; a ¬†bitterness that makes it almost unpalatable. May is resentment. Read more…

Hit the Snooze Button

This is my life. This chaos, this constant barrage of noise and stuff and whining and things that need to be done RIGHT NOW! Bills to pay, working multiple jobs to pay them, rushing from one activity from the next, barely staying on track. Sticky fingers, piles of laundry, slobbery kisses punctuated by squeezy hugs and I love yous whispered at an ear-splitting volume by a toddler that doesn’t understand the ins and outs of whispering.