Yes, FINALLY! I’ve actually been sitting on this beauty for a couple of months–thanks to my wonderful graphic designer at Pop Designs–but I wanted to make sure I was finished with Exposed before I shared it. The way things were going for a while, I was worried that it would be delayed again. But sometimes life has a way of working out, just when you think everything is lost.

My beta readers are reading it. The feedback I’ve had so far is great! I’ll be making some minor adjustments before shipping it off for editing and formatting. Beta readers are amazing and having extra eyes on a manuscript before it gets polished is invaluable.

So, check it out. My beautiful new baby:


I can’t wait to have the paperback in my hands!! (This is when I squeal and jump around like a preteen. And I should know, I have one.)

I’ll announce a release date once I talk to my editor and formatter and make sure our schedules align.  Exposed will be available exclusively on Amazon (and for KU subscribers) for 90 days but up for preorder on all other outlets at that time. After 90 days it will go wide. I’ll share links once they are ready.

So, stay tuned and get ready to #BeExposed.

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