I’m excited to announce that the Musings & Mayhem Podcast is officially LIVE!!!

(Cue anxiety!!)

It’s imperfect, but as my sweet friend says, “Done is beautiful.” And it is–done AND beautiful.

My first episode is a basic intro and Q&A. Sort of a what to expect. Doing my first podcast solo was terrifying, but once the initial terror wore off it ended up being fun. I’m really looking forward to having guest co-hosts and diving deep into awesome topics like anxiety, villains, fear, writing, and finding out what everyone is reading. (Shhh! My book budget was cut this year.)

I’m still working on incorporating my podcast into the Musings & Mayhem page, but for now, I’ll post it here. Feel free to comment! Let me know what you think–good and bad. I’m always striving to improve and this is my first time venturing into audio so I know I have some things to learn.

Musings & Mayhem will be available on most streaming services like Spotify (below), Sticher (below), Google Play, and iTunes (pending)!

You can also listen via my RSS feed below. Subscribe to be notified of new episodes. Or check out my podcast page on Libsyn. Currently only available here.


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