The Burned Series follows Kyra Richards through twisted paths on her journey for forgiveness. 

Lines between good and evil fade. Friendships are made and broken. 

Sometimes you have to get lost in the dark to find your way back to the light.

A danger to herself and others, Kyra Richards prefers to be left alone. Lured by the promise of a paycheck with more zeros than she’s seen in years, the private investigator is thrust into the vampire underworld and under the scrutiny of its iron-fisted ruler, Alejandro. 

Her best chance at weaseling her way into the enigmatic leader’s good graces: Daniel, a human who – despite being as damaged as she is – throws himself into life with an exuberance she both despises and envies.

When a past she thought she’d escaped catches up with her, Kyra finds herself trapped between two lives, unsure who to trust. Drawn deeper into a world of power she’d never imagined, she struggles to control her abilities but under Alejandro’s dark guidance the guilt of her actions eats away at her sanity. 

As the fight against her dark nature intensifies, she realizes that sometimes to destroy a monster you must become one.

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Arabella Anthony has everything she’s ever wanted: money, power, and a place at the side of Tampa’s most eligible bachelor, Alejandro Guerrero. Sure he’s ruthless, manipulative, and controlling but he understands and values her – and her rare ability to see lies. A power some would do anything to possess and even more to control.

When a chance meeting and a devastating loss force her to face the truth, she searches for a way out of the life she thought she wanted.

But deception weaves a tangled web and Arabella realizes that sometimes the easiest person to lie to is yourself.

Now Available hasn’t left her house in years. A powerful clairvoyant, she sees inside people’s heads whether they want her to or not. Isolated and homebound for years, she’s forced to flee after she falls under Alejandro’s power-hungry focus.

Trapped in close quarters with a macabre group of Others – including a ghost with a perverted sense of humor and a Grounder with a southern drawl that melts more than just her resolve – Fiona is plagued with nightmarish visions that strip away what little sanity she has left. With danger coming from more directions than even the best seer can predict, Fiona has to find the resolve to weather what’s coming or perish in the storm.

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Kyra Richards had betrayed everyone – her friends, her lovers, her enemies – but this time her secrets have damned her.

The enemy is among them, hidden within their ranks and learning their secrets. The stakes are higher than ever as innocent lives hang in the balance and the fate of the world balances on the precipice.

Is it too late for redemption or is forgiveness possible when the world is left to burn to ashes?

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Kyra Richards invented herself on the side of the endless dirt road she was found on.  A new name and a new path, she struggles to find her place in a family that is too perfect, in a town with too many secrets.

Go back to where it all began – innocent love and fields of grass and a silence that was medicine for a broken soul.

But in that silence, painful lessons are learned: no matter how far she runs, Kyra will never outrun herself.

Available 2025 – Add to your Goodreads TBR

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