(Book One)

Kyra Richards is anything but ordinary.

Possessing a rare talent, everyone wants a piece of her. Convinced to go undercover to investigate a string of horrific murders she is drawn into the preternatural underbelly of Florida’s Suncoast.

They want to use her. But no one can control her.

Caught in a web that gets harder to escape from every day, she is torn between two men and two lives. When her past catches up with her she is forced to face her demons.

How do you destroy a monster without becoming one?

As the fight against her dark nature intensifies she revels in the power unleashed within her. But will she risk the one thing worth fighting for?

Burned is available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook.

Burned Excerpt


Sweat. Rivulets of it snaked between my breasts and down the hollow of my back.

Hot writhing bodies scented the air, as heady and intoxicating as the Ecstasy and Astro Pops circling the dance floor.

Despite how it looked, I wasn’t here to enjoy myself. It was a simple job in a bitter divorce case. Of course no one hired me if everything was going well.

I solved problems.

My job was simple: pass along a message to a client’s cheating husband. Piece of cake. A phone tap had led me to Phoenix, the hottest new club in town. My methods weren’t always within the law, but my clients expected results.

And I always provided them.

I was familiar with the club. It catered to a variety of clientele. Some – like me – enjoyed the energy. The sheer simplicity of shedding the day’s problems and losing themselves in the throbbing beat. Others used the club for more nefarious deeds. Deals were made – drugs, arms, human. Hunters stalked their prey. People disappeared.

Fortunately for me, I didn’t have to worry about being the next victim. I was just as dangerous as anything or anyone here. Maybe more so.

Throwing back another shot of Ciroc, I enjoyed the burn but vowed this was the last of the night. I had to walk a fine line between staying in control, and relaxing enough to keep myself sane.

The control part was important. Vital even. But not just for me, for everyone around me.

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