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(Book Four)

Kyra has betrayed everyone she’s ever loved.

Four years ago in a dark alley, she made a deal with the devil and has lived every day since with the consequences of her choice.

But things aren’t what they seem.

With innocent lives at stake and the world devolving into chaos, is it ever too late for redemption?

Divided is the thrilling conclusion to the Burned Series.

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Divided Excerpt


Tampa was burning. The flames danced in the distance, growing and twisting with the wind until they resembled a macabre ballet that destroyed everything in its wake.

I sat on the ledge of Park Tower, the thirty-six story building allowed me a view few witnessed. My feet dangled over the edge. The acrid scent of smoke stung my nose but I stayed, mesmerized as I watched the flames spread from one industrial complex to another.

The wail of a fire engine broke through the hum of downtown traffic. The sound bounced off buildings as it inched toward the growing inferno. One wouldn’t be enough to stop this blaze.

I was tempted to intervene. The thought surprised me almost as much as the ease with which I pushed it away.

I was no hero.

I’d had no hand in its creation. The humans had started this one, and they could deal with the consequences.

I didn’t need to take on anyone else’s burden. I had my own to deal with.

Familiar resentment boiled under my skin as I stood, hovering on the ledge. It would be so easy to step forward. I closed my eyes and flung my arms wide. Air lifted tendrils of my hair, it caressed my face. I imagined it whipping around me as I fell. Four-hundred and fifty feet was a long way down.

Would I survive the landing?

I spun and dropped to the safety of the roof, my heart hammering in my chest as I fled my dangerous thoughts.

Years ago the devil made me a deal. I had no choice but to live with the consequences.

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