Things have been moving ahead at lightning speed at the Musings & Mayhem headquarters!

I am now 100% self-employed–which is equal parts terrifying and awesome! This gives me more time to focus on my favorite thing–writing–but also gives me time to explore other things I enjoy.

I work freelance as a Consultant & Virtual Assistant. Most people have no clue what that is so I’ll break it down for you. I work on digital projects (newsletters, blogs, social media, websites, email management, courses, etc.) either creating the content or coordinating the behind-the-scenes stuff. I also manage projects and produce podcasts, as well as write grants and a host of other things. It’s exciting and varied work!

Musings & Mayhem

When it comes to this arm of the business, I’m thrilled to announce that my podcast (titled Musings & Mayhem as a companion to this blog) is moving forward quite nicely. I’ve finished the logo (I decided to tackle it myself) and selected the into music. It was a tough decision–mostly deciding on which song as I knew the band I wanted almost from the start. My fabulous cover designer at PopDesigns also fronts a band, Cassolette, and the only music that seemed to fit was theirs. She was gracious enough to give me permission to use her work and I’m very grateful. Seriously, check them out. Their music is available for purchase or streaming.

Writing Projects

  • Novels

I’m still hard at work revising Divided (Burned #4). I made a lot of progress during NaNoWriMo revising Escaped (Burned Prequel) so I’m returning my focus to Divided as there are several readers eager to read the series conclusion. Ideally, I’d release both this year, but realistically I’m aiming for one. Between the adjustment to self-employment and concentrating on my health I doubt I’d be able to keep all those balls in the air at once. 

  • Short Stories

My annual charity anthology contribution to Thrill of the Hunt is underway. This year’s theme is Buried Alive. I polled my reader’s group, Mayhem Mavens, and they overwhelmingly requested a short on a favorite side character’s awakening from being turned. 

Other Updates

You might have noticed the new website. I’m upgrading there as well and giving the Musings & Mayhem blog a larger roll. Once the rest of my pages are up you’ll be able to buy signed paperbacks and things through the Stab & Grab page. Basically, I’m stepping up my game both as an author and as an entrepreneur. 

So, what are your 2019 plans? 


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