My last blog post was months ago while we were still reeling post-Irma. The tree limbs have been picked up, my yard is clean(ish), my fence is partially replaced. Hurricane season has long passed and most things are back to normal.

I’m literally 5 chapters from a beta release of Exposed.  It’s down to editing at this point–fixing minor holes and inconsistencies from Burned and Exposed, some minor sentence rewrites for clarity, word choice changes.

I have a release date in mind and I’ll share it once I ensure it fits with my editor’s schedule and then formatting. I have a cover (it’s so pretty!!) and I’ll share that in February. So, all in all, 2018 is off to a great start!

When I need a break from editing Exposed (it takes a certain frame of mind to edit), I’ve been working on rough changes to Divided. I’m pretty sure Divided is my favorite of the series (do I say that each time??) It’s painful, it’s raw. It’s about resentment and redemption, forgiveness and loss. I keep losing myself in it when I should be working (that’s a good sign, right?)

I’m on track for a 2018 release for Divided too–barring any major life changes, hurricane evacuations, or other unscheduled annoyances.

I’ve only scheduled a few events for 2018 so I can keep up with my writing schedule: two in Florida and one in Kansas City (I’m getting on a PLANE, cue the Xanex!) For details visit my (newly updated) Events Page.

My office is in the middle of a renovation–which is both exciting and terrifying. The walls are down to the studs, everything is in boxes, and I have brand new office furniture waiting to be put in its new home. I can’t wait to work in my new space!! I’ll share a couple of pics when we are done.

How is 2018 treating you so far? Good? Bad? Ugly?


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