I’m sitting in my living room, Netflix-binging Fixer Upper in the background, all 3 kids snug in their beds, while I work out my plan for the month. I missed most of this last week, missed work from 2 jobs, missed family time, and generally just missed out since I was brought down by some random virus that seemed to suck out my life and leave me a barely conscious mess unable to eat anything with more substance that crackers. For 5 days. I’m starving people. Send soup!


April was already busy, but since I have to add making up the all the work I missed this week from my 2 jobs…PLUS everything else that was already on my calendar. It’s going to be crazy!

I’m flying (I’m TERRIFIED of flying) and presenting in front of people from all across the US  (I’m horrible at public speaking) for my first job – no stress or anything, right??

Dean Scared


Arranging a bunch of classes for a summer program and help kicking off another large undertaking, at my second job. All while I’m still learning the ropes AND they let go my newly-hired counterpart while I was out sick. Yikes!

I love my jobs. No, seriously. I love my jobs. But damn missing a week at both still sucks ass.

run bitch run supernatural.gif

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I have my first signing of 2016 in exactly 1 week (Book Obsessed Babes in Jacksonville) and my bookmarks JUST shipped out today thanks to some jerk-off trying to hijack my credit card at a Lowes in California (I live in Florida) which cancelled all of the orders I placed that week, which included my signing purchases. Thanks, asshat!


I’ve got 2 deadlines – or is it 3??? – next month and because of the aforementioned illness, I’ve had no progress on anything in a week. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

It’s Camp NaNoWriMo which means I have a daily word goal that I HAVE to stick with or I’ll be publically shamed as I fail yet another Camp. I do great at the true NaNoWriMo but I’ve failed all 4 Camps that I’ve attempted. Go big or go home, right?? (For those who don’t know, National Novel Writing Month is a challenge to write a 50k word rough draft in 30 days. I’ve attempted and – ahem – won for 3 years. Camp NaNoWriMo is held twice a year and has a loose set of criteria, pretty much whatever goal you set yourself. And I’ve failed for 2 years. Ugh.)

Plus there’s the 30 Day Writing Challenge, which I am attempting to do as a blog. While I’ll admit, my blog posting has improved – I’m averaging once a month instead of once a quarter – but that’s still not DAILY postings.


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Did I mention I have 3 fabulous children and a hubby that I actually like to spend time with? Sigh. I need a clone, people.

Or a really, really good plan. And no more catching viruses.

disinfectant DR WHO

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What does April look like for you? Busy? Neat and tidy? Hum-drum?


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